Marina in the electoral registers, 1860 and 1866

Electoral registers are often a neglected source for house histories. Quite apart from giving the names of voters living there, they can provide extra information. For example, you can sometimes gather information on who owned freehold property. Occasionally a tenant is given. Directories give the occupant, but directories are few before about 1885.

The priced Ancestry database contains electoral registers showing entitlements to vote because of the ownership of freehold land or houses. These are by ward and then alphabetical by voter. These can be found for about 1850 to 1911. I did notice, though, that in the 1850/51 register several voters qualified by owning leaseholds.

I went through St Leonards ward looking for mentions of Marina in the registers, and those for the 1860/61 register are listed below. The entries are rewritten so that they are in house number order, sometimes for the resident there owning property elsewhere, sometimes for property there owned by someone living elsewhere. I have added a few details in square brackets. Notice that no. 75 was part-owned by two builders at different East Ascent addresses; the 1864 Williams’s Manufacturing Directory lists these two as builders Hughes & Hunter, 5 & 14 East Ascent and Norman Road, so they were a partnership.

Thomas Price of 7 owned houses, South Street.

James Ball of 9 owned house on Norman Road West, Benjamin Bickle, tenant [1861 census, 9 Marina, Ball fishmonger & poulterer; Bickle at 21a Marina, draper and silk mercer]

Charles Thomas How of 44 owned 37 North Street [1861 census, 44 Marina, coal and porter merchant]

Alfred Burton of 64 owned 13 Maze Hill [which was Maze Hill Cottage]

John Carey of 73 owned 8 East Ascent [1861 census, upholsterer]

Henry Hughes of 75 was part owner of 14 East Ascent [builder, 1861 census]; William Hunter, of 5 East Ascent, was part owner of 14 East Ascent [1861 census, builder]

Henry Carpenter of 87 owned 36 Robertson Street, Hastings [probably 1861 census, 8 Breeds Place, architect and surveyor].

John Corsbie Brown, The Deanery, Chartham, near Canterbury, Kent, owned 90 and 91 [brewer, merchant and farmer, later of Suffolk]

 Jesse Mann of 108 owned 7 East Ascent [1861 census, ironmonger]

By looking at other years the details often subtly change. Here for example is 1866/67, with many changes. It is interesting that several owners were Anglican clergymen.

The Rev. John Alton Hatchard of 58 owned 97.

The Rev. George Miles Cooper of Wilmington, Sussex, owned 58, 59 and 60.

Henry Hughes of 14 East Ascent was part owner of 75.

Henry Carpenter of 2 The Grove, Clapham Common, Surrey, owned 87.

John Corsbie Brown of The Deanery, Chartham, near Canterbury, Kent, owned 90 and 91.

Hugh Meares of 93 owned stable and coach house, Caves Road, tenant John Meares.

John Henry Cancellor of Ashe Rectory, Farnboro’ Station, Surrey, owned 96 [newspapers show he frequently stayed at Maze Hill Cottage; in the 1871 census was curate at Ash].

The Rev. John Alton Hatchard of 58 owned 97 [in the 1871 census he was living at 97].

Robert Warner Wheeler, “travelling” [i.e. no fixed address] owned 99.

The Rev. Edward Vesey Bligh, of Birling vicarage, Maidstone, Kent, owned 103.

Jesse Mann, of 7 East Ascent, owned 108.

Thomas Vidler, of Havelock Road, Hastings, owned 130.

Anyone with the time and grit to go through the entries in all the registers for a street would end up with a lot of information on the ownership of its houses. I’m not offering !

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